about us

Causeway Connections is a technology analyst and strategic advisory firm based on practical experience and quantitive data. We are rooted in The Internet of Things (IoT) market covering the technology view from microprocessors, through telecom carriers, network, compute and cloud infrastructure for vertical markets including smart cities, homes, retail, healthcare, agriculture, connected transportation,  factories, and buildings, . We believe that sensor data generated by IoT deployments will drive innovation in Artifical Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), Analytics, Digital Twins, Drones, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality.  

While we often start with IoT-based engagements, we seek to provide influence beyond IoT. We examine the adjacent markets to discover the levels of competitive innovation and disruption that will occur for our clients. We pull apart the key infrastructure elements from the edge of the network to the back office enterprise system so that our customers are aware of technology and business requirements delivered in new and evolving eco-systems.